Dominique Young Unique Lyrics to YoYo ft Nicola Roberts

Dominique Young Unique lyrics for YoYo Remix Nicola Roberts

Alright Pretty Girl Keep it going/
Keep ya head up /
Looking at the lonely sky/
I know it’s kind of Hard /
But you gotta keep a Try /
I’m your BFF you can share
A cry /
Lean on my right shoulder lets take flight/
He thinking about you /
Yea he talking/ he crazy inLove
He stalking / girl I’m with you Salute
Bae I could feel your pain
I understand what you saying he Done you crazy insane / He done a Love u-turn but girl you gots to Learn…but girl you gots to Learn.. Keep going put your hands up Lil mama your right here hold your head Alrightttt Lets Goooooo


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