Dominique young unique Spotted Front Row Of Miu Miu Fashion Paris week

the front row at miu miu was bonkers


Not gonna lie: Miu Miu’s spring ’13 collection wasn’t a major shocker, considering we’ve been talking up black-and-white as a major trend since, like, the first day of New York Fashion Week.

But what did make our jaws drop was the front row. It was as if someone took all of our favorite people–Emma Stone! Felicity Jones! Dianna Agron! Dominique Young Unique!–and dropped them all in the same place. And best of all, each and every one of them rocked their own look. Felicity did her ’60s school girl thing, Emma channeled the ’50s, and Amanda Seyfried showed up pairing a head-to-toe red suit with a major purple lip.

We haven’t even mentioned our favorite outfit of the whole front row–you’ll have to check back in tomorrow morning to see who it is. In the meantime, here is some front row peeping to tide you over. –REBECCA WILLA DAVIS

Oh hi, Dominique!

Head-to-toe look at Emma and Dianna

Felicity is already all over this black-and-white trend

Red and purple…our new favorite combo. Genius, Amanda!


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