Dominique Young Unique Talks Her Career, Azealia Banks and More

Take from the thirteen composing music and perhaps even its electro beat reminds you of other artists, Dominique Young Unique is unique and has an advantage.


Dominique Young Unique by Gorka Postigo

Dominique Young Unique by Gorka Postigo

The success of this nineteen year old rapper has been a boom overnight, Her career is one that is simmered. However, playing with an advantage next generation of singers motivated by immediate hit, promotion and sales inordinate mass. She takes it in stride.

In 2010, Dominique jumped from his ghetto in Florida to YouTube with “Show My Ass”, a song with furious percussion and electro beats reminiscent at times to pump hype of mine but with a distinct difference: Dominique had tables Street. Within days, Pitchfork touched with her ​​wand and making it the promise of the new hip hop.

Dominique Young Unique by Gorka Postigo

Dominique Young Unique by Gorka Postigo

“I try to be myself at all times”, no doubt. When asked about her recent discussion via Twitter with Azealia Banks, she prefers to take weight. “I do not know who she is. Never heard of that such Azealia Banks (…) Google look it later. “Dominique Young Unique has her own style and evidence of this is the more than six years she has been locked in a studio.

In your player, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj are a must, in addition to many others, of course, is the inspiration for the singer. Laughing and evasive, we get something straight: Dominique is best not to contradict her. Are you as dodgy as look it? “Yes, I’m a bad ass!”

Read the interview with Dominique Young Unique complete the April issue of Vanity, now on sale at newsstands and kioskoymas


Interview by Daniel Mesa\’

Photography by Gorka Postigo

Summary by Alejandro Bernad Perié




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