Checkout Dominique Young Unique interview about “EARTHQUAKE

(INTERVIEW) Dominique Young Unique talks about her collaboration on ‘Earthquake’ with DJ Fresh and Diplo, plus her plans with music, upcoming single and more!




It’s all about female rappers these days.. and  Dominique Young Unique seems to catch everyone’s eyes. Coming up from collaborating with two big figures of the EDM industry as Diplo and DJ Fresh on the track ‘Earthquake’, the 21 year old rapper from Tampa, Florida already signed with Sony UK and its getting ready to release her debut album by the end of this year! This time I got the chance to talk to her a little about her latest single, future plans with music and more! So here you go..

(IN) Hi Dominique, thank you for letting me interview you for the blog!
It’s so nice to have you here!!. So, you came up from collaborating
with two big figures of the EDM industry as DJ Fresh and Diplo. From
where did it came up the idea of having you doing the vocals of


(Dominique) Well, how I came across getting on Earthquake? Is that I just signed to a new management called Insanity Group and DJ Fresh signed with them as well so I had to fly to London to record my first album  and I met up with DJ Fresh and he played me the track so I went in his home studio and recorded a top line for it… So I played it to my manager and to Sony so they loved it and it went from there…

How was collaborating with Diplo and DJ Fresh? Any particular or funny anecdote of the time you spent with them at the studio?


-Well, I was in the studio with DJ Fresh, he’s so cool and very outgoing and funny but when it comes down to record and and write music etc,  he’s all about his music like he’s very focus like he really gets in his zone, but we had some great times together as this was my first time meeting him he’s a very cool guy  and Diplo, I never recorded with him in the studio but I will soon… but I met him down in Miami  and it’s funny because he was like “I’m from florida as well” and I never knew that but we had some fun twitter exchange…. 

The song has received so many good response from the fans, having
already more than 9,000 plays at Soundcloud. How does this feel for


-Well I’m very excited that I’m putting out my new and first single since I been signed to Sony and I’m very happy that all the fans are really loving it. I was so nervous to put it out because I didn’t know if the fans would like it or wouldn’t it but I see they fucking love it! and that it’s totally a different Dominique Young Unique sound


Now, I really want to know a little about your plans with your music.
So tell me, how do you define your music, what would make us love
Dominique Young Unique?

-Uhm after ‘Earthquake’ single.. Sony would be releasing my own first single call “In The Kitchen”, it was produced by Hygrade.  I remember working with him, we both were tired and we were like “Fuck it, let’s drop this record”.  Also May 25th I will be performing in Radio One weekend with DJ  Fresh and I’m getting ready to tour. Well, my music comes from my heart, I write what ever I feel what’s on my mind, what I experience in life and my struggle, well Dominique Young Unique is Real.. and I love chicken, lol that would make you guys love me!!

So, I’m wondering… With which artist you would love to collaborate
in the future?

-I would love to collaborate with Kanye West as I walked in his fashion show with Katie Eary, also I would like to work with Rita Ora, Rihanna, Lady gaga, Beyonce, and Chris Brown.

Is there any debut album or EP coming soon….?

-Uhm yes! After my new single “Earthquake”, I will be releasing my own single call “In The Kitchen” and after that my album would be out by the end of this year or beginning of January.

And now coming to a wrap, tell me the most important aspect to have in consideration if you want to succeed at the music industry.


-Just keep positive and move forward and believe you can never fail 😉 #TeamUnique #TeamUniquors

Thank you Dominique for letting me interview you! It’s such an honor
and I wish you the best with your career and I hope you have a total
success on everything you do :’)

-Awwwww thanks so much mwah!!!!!

A/N: So here’s the Interview of the week! Dominque is such a lovely lady and I really wish her the best for her career!! Stay tuned for more updates and Interviews!

Thank you .x


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