Music | Dominique Young Unique


Music | Dominique Young Unique

Recently seen striding through a city pursued by a huge snot monster in her, erm, monster single ‘Earthquake’, Tampa rapper Dominique Young has been working her way up the ranks since 2009. She stopped by Fiasco to show her various sides in an exclusive fashion shoot.

Photographer – Elliott Morgan
Stylist – Heather Falconer
Make-Up – Salina Thind using Clinique
Hair – Magdalena Tucholska using Unite
Shot at Apiary Studios, London
Thanks to Calvin at Milk Management

1. Metallic Body: Sadie Clayton/ Levis Denim Shorts Stylists Own/ Boots: Bank Fashion/ Necklace: Imogen Belfield
2. Jewellery: Stylists Own
3. as 1.
4. Top: Jane Bowler/ Skirt: Bas Kosters/ Shoes: Kandee/ Jewellery: Stylists Own
5 & 6. Sunglasses: Stylists Own/ Jacket: Stylists Own/ Latex Top: William Wilde/ Denim Shorts: Stylists Own/ Jewellery: Stylists Own/ Shoes: Walter Steiger
7. as 1
8. Top: Nympha /Jewellery: Stylists Own/ Vintage Versace Jeans: Stylists Own


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