Beauty Salons – Skin and Body Therapy Explained

Beauty salons should employ professional staff (with the appropriate qualifications) to ensure that all procedures performed on their premises are carried out correctly and to a high standard.

Treatment can cover a wide variety of procedures, some of which I want to outline briefly today. If you want to take the best body relaxing treatment then navigate to this website.

As for skin and body therapy, the therapies are many, but each is specific in terms of its area and benefits and must be selected specifically to address an area of need.

What is this?

The main treatments you can expect from a cosmetic therapist can include:

  • Massage / body care
  • Hair remover
  • electrolysis
  • Hands, feet, and nails
  • Shape
  • Eyecare
  • Let’s take a look at some of them:
  • Hair removal (or hair removal)

Temporary hair removal: done with wax or a process called sugaring. Waxing can be done with “hot” or “cold” wax. Hot wax may be better for removing thicker hair, eg. under the arm or in the bikini area.

Cold wax is designed for customers with more sensitive skin. Sugar has been a method of hair removal since Egyptian times and is considered to be gentler on the skin because the product is used at low temperatures. Generally, temporary hair removal treatments need to be repeated every 1-2 months depending on the regrowth rate.